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BONEY M. XPERIENCE ft. Bobby Farrell’s Ladies

  • BONEY M. XPERIENCE ft. Bobby Farrell's Ladies

The ultimate Boney M. Xperience tribute show by Bobby Farrell’s ladies featuring Mr. Dazz. (Former singers of the late Bobby Farrell of Boney M.)

Boney M., the most known disco-group ever, created by Producer Frank Farian sold over 150 million of records and was numerous times in all the charts – world-wide. Massive hits like Rivers of Babylon, Daddy Cool, Ma Baker, Sunny, Rasputin, Belfast, El Lute Hooray! Hooray!, Kalimba de Luna, Brown Girl in The Ring etc.

The ladies of Boney M. Xperience all performed with the late great iconic Legend Bobby Farrell / Boney M. over the last 20 years. After Bobby Farrell tragically passed away, in December 2010 in St. Petersburg, the Ladies of his group Edna Proctor, Tamzie Franssen and Maureen Fernandes teamed up with Dasilvian Bruce to take this Boney M. Show to another level. In the meantime, they performed and shared the stage with many great artists and are performing in Benelux, Germany, Russia, U.K., Spain, France, Cyprus etc.