ROBBIE WILLIAMS by Just Like Robbie
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ROBBIE WILLIAMS by Just Like Robbie

Let Henri entertain you!

Robbie Williams. Henri Toonders undeniably resembles this Robbie. Or the other way around, that is of course the question. It is not only the looks that are the same, but also the typical statements and facial expressions. And even abroad Henri is approached about it.

The next step is inevitable: Henri becomes Robbie. At least, for the duration of a show. And that again and again, because the audience loves it!

A show that makes you long for more! When Henri Toonders takes on the role of Robbie Williams, you get the feeling that Robbie is standing in front of you live. With his muscular body, handsome head, sexy glance, beautiful tattoos and Robbie’s big hits, Henri Toonders always puts on a crazy show.

The great hits of Robbie Williams are portrayed as if Robbie has a hand in it herself. During 30 minutes you will enjoy “Angels”, “Feel”, “Let me entertain you” and many other hits. The typical statements and moves, as we know \them from Robbie himself, complete the show. You forget you’re watching and listening to a lookalike.

“Just like Robbie…” is a show to enjoy to the fullest. A show that makes you long for more, and even more.

It is also possible to book “Just Like Robbie Williams” with a professional live band or big band.